Electrical upgrades

Emelec can assist with any type of commercial electrical upgrade, ensuring safety & compliance while meeting your supply & power needs.

electrical upgrades

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Optimise safety, performance & compliance

Old electrical systems can cause significant problems, from safety hazards and poor performance to non-compliance with the latest regulations.
Due to changes in regulations and advances in technology, many businesses are operating with non-compliant or inadequate electrical systems.

Whether the requirement is part of planned works to refurbish or repurpose premises or if the issue is an emergency, Emelec can assist with any type of commercial electrical upgrade.

We provide electrical inspections to determine the specific need based on the size, nature and power usage of the property and its appliances, and can carry out the necessary electrical upgrade works to bring the system up to specification.

We work with clients across the UK in sectors as diverse es education, leisure, hospitality, industrial, manufacturing and retail.


Signs you need an electrical upgrade

Electrical upgrades ensure electrical safety and compliance.

Older electrical systems can cause a range of potential problems. In most cases, the system will start to show signs of poor or inadequate performance. Users may notice lights are flickering or losing power, fuses are blowing frequently or breakers are tripping a lot, feeling a tingling sensation when touching light switches, sockets or electrical appliances or switches may start to discolour.

If you or any users recognise any of these signs, a professional inspection should be carried out immediately on the system to identify issues and hazards such as:

  • Any electrical circuits or equipment that are overloaded
  • Lack of earthing or bonding issues
  • Defective earthing
  • Damage or deterioration affecting the overall condition and performance of the system

If left unfixed, these can lead to serious issues including:

  • Fire risk – bad wiring that becomes exposed or heated, whether through age or substandard installation, is a common and avoidable cause of property fires.
  • Electrocution – users are at risk of electrocution where there is bad wiring or holes in the wiring insulation.
  • Overload – older systems may not be able to handle the demand for power from modern appliances causing system overload.
  • Power outages – some older systems are wired in a single loop, meaning power is taken from all users, causing downtime across the full operation.
  • Inefficiency – general wear, tear and user neglect can lead to inefficiency in electrical appliances and higher running costs for electricity usage. If the wiring is unable to manage the power safely, it could potentially short appliances.

What we do

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Emelec has over 20 years experience in commercial & industrial electrical compliance & testing.

We work with organisations throughout the UK across all types of business premises, from hotels and schools through to retail and leisure buildings, factories and warehouses.

Our focus is on ensuring safety and compliance while minimising disruption to your workplace and operations.

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