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Electrical compliance involves meeting a complex set of regulations and standards across your electrical infrastructure and appliances.

Compliance requirements exist to ensure all electrical installations and appliances throughout your premises remain safe and HSE compliant.

A compliant electrical testing programme ensures you are meeting your obligations under the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. It also ensures that your workforce, customers and visitors are kept safe and your operations remain fully functional.

Emelec’s team of specialist electrical engineers provide the full range of electrical compliant services. From large-scale testing of electrical infrastructure to PAT testing of fixed applicances, we can advise on which assessments are required and their frequency.

Working across the UK in all types of workplace environment, from retail and hospitality to schools, leisure premises, industrial, manufacturing and commercial offices, we bring the skill, competence and experience to perform the required checks with the minimum disruption to your operation. We are also qualified to undertake the necessary remedial work to rectify any issues.


Electrical compliance requirements

It is a requirement under the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 that all electrical installations and equipment are maintained to prevent danger and harm. Electrical compliance requires maintenance, testing and inspections in areas such as:

Portable Appliance Testing

As part of the EAW Regulations, businesses should conduct annual testing and visual inspections of portable electronic devices. More than electrical compliance, regular PAT testing also ensures appliances are functioning correctly for the safety of your workforce, customers and visitors to your premises.


Electrical wiring installations must comply with regulation BS 7671:2008, and fixed wire installations (such as light fittings, sockets, air conditioning units and main incoming supplies) must be visually and physically tested to ensure their integrity has not been compromised. The required frequency of testing will be determined by the type of environment. For example, commercial installations in most cases should be tested every 5 years. An EICR is issued following a fixed electrical wiring inspection, and should identify and record any damage, deterioration, defects, dangerous conditions or areas of non-compliance within an installation. Remedial works should be carried out to rectify these defects and meet the requirements of the Wiring Regulations BS 7671.

Fixed wire inspections & testing

Fixed wiring inspections and tests should be used to identify defects, issues and risks early, and to provide recommendations to remedy and attain the required standard.

Emergency lighting

Emergency routes and exits which require illumination must be provided with functioning and adequate emergency lighting in the event of failure of normal lighting. Testing and maintenance of emergency lighting should include daily visual checks, monthly function tests and an annual full discharge test.

Thermal imaging inspections

All electrical equipment and components are subject to deterioration, loose connections and load imbalances. Thermal imaging inspections involve using infra-red technology as a cost effective and highly valuable diagnostic tool for predictive maintenance. BY allowing instant fault diagnosis, hazards can be identified early and remedial work undertaken to rectify the issue.

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Emelec has over 20 years experience in commercial & industrial electrical compliance & testing.

We work with organisations throughout the UK across all types of business premises, from hotels and schools through to retail and leisure buildings, factories and warehouses.

Our focus is on ensuring safety and compliance while minimising disruption to your workplace and operations.

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