Electrical compliance, testing & installation

Emelec helps organisations meet their electrical safety, efficiency & compliance needs, while minimising disruption to operations.

Specialist commercial electrical services

We provide the complete range of electrical testing, compliance & installation services.

We operate UK-wide, delivering onsite services that help organisations from all sectors meet the required standards for electrical compliance and safety throughout the workplace environment.

We can support planned and scheduled testing schedules and works, as with emergency issues – whatever your requirement, we can help. 

What we do

Emelec has over 20 years experience in commercial & industrial electrical compliance & testing.

We work with organisations throughout the UK across all types of business premises, from hotels and schools through to retail and leisure buildings, factories and warehouses.

Our focus is on ensuring safety and compliance while minimising disruption to your workplace and operations.

Reliable, professional & exceptional value for money

As a team of qualified and experienced commercial electrical engineers, we are trusted by clients across the UK.

Our electrical contractors work with organisations to help meet their legal, health and safety duties through electrical compliance & testing services, and performining the required remedial works to address operational safety & efficiency requirements.

Our focus is on ensuring safety and compliance while minimising disruption to your workplace operations.

We understand the need to avoid operational disruption and downtime, and can work with you to agree a testing and work schedule aligned as required to quiet periods, maintenance windows or scheduled shut downs.

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